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Event Health and Safety Management

Course Overview  Dates:

November 17th -18th, 2023; December 1st -2nd, 18th-19th January; Feb 1-2, 2024

It is a legal requirement to do risk assessments in event business. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, the Corporate Manslaughter Act 1997 and associated legislation has changed the legal framework in which events operate.  The legal obligations for event managers has changed the ways events are planned and delivered. Any event organiser, organisation or local authority, has prime responsibility for protecting the health, safety and welfare of everyone working at or attending the event. Legal duties are also imposed on contractors and employees of the event organiser. While the HSE guide, the regulatory body for the event industry, gives guidance on health and safety matters, it does not always give explicit guidance that assists the event manger in operationalising risks management strategies. With the number of parties and organisations involved in staging, a single event it becomes difficult to understand where and what (legal) responsibility lies with each party. This complication can lead to potential exposure to liabilities. This course will cover the legal framework for event management and demonstrate how event managers can operationalise their event plans to manage risks.

Highlights:  Expert tuition from event industry professionals and academics,  interactive learning, practical training, small classes, health and safety manual and 1 hour support post course.

Who is it for?

This course is designed for event organisers, tourism managers, festival organisers, tour organisers who want to build up their practical understanding of health & safety and how it applies to their events but who cannot afford the cost or time required for an ‘IOSH Managing Safely’ course. We can adapt the course to meet your company’s specification based on type of events and client requirements. This is a two-day course delivered online.

Length of course - 2 day workshop virtual course 

Price: £ 450.00 pp

Course Outline:

  • What is meant by health and safety

  • Different risks /different events

  • Relevant health and safety legislation to events management

  • Risk assessments vs. risk management

  • Identifying risk, assessing risks and risk management

  • Writing your risk assessment

  • Operationalising crowd control measures

  • Operationalising traffic management

  • Fire safety arrangements

  • Food safety arrangements 

  • First aid arrangements/ medical planning

  • Major incident planning and control

  • Implications of claims and insurance requirements

  • Recording and evaluation 

  • PRICE: GBP 450.00  

  • For further information on this course and for payment details contact

  • Wendy Sealy, PhD, Event Management

Email: wendy_cynthia_sealy@outlook.com

Mobile: 07778694166


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